Garment and Fashion Warehousing

Create. Collaborate. Empower. Grow. Uplift. Who would of thought that adjectives like create, collaborate, empower, grown and uplift would describe clothing and textiles? Here we are in the 21st Century making clothes and fashion quickly and efficiently. Any Fashionista will tell you that fashion is not limited to the clothes you wear but the accessories, shoes and décor you surround yourself with on a daily basis.

In the retail industry, customers expect materials shipped within 24-48 hours of their order and to receive tracking as soon as the product ships. Retail and eCommerce companies cannot meet those expectations without technology. Here at Landis, our equipment like the automated bagging machines enables us to fulfill 500+ orders daily. Landis understands what a retail and eCommerce business needs to stay competitive, which is why Landis has invested in a new Warehouse Management System. Check out our other services like reverse logistics and alternative amazon fulfillment.

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