Omnichannel Selling

Balancing online sales and physical locations

Omnichannel selling is the way of the future. It combines physical store sales with online sales. Omnichannel retailing is an advancement towards technology and understanding how to use the technology to get the best return on your investment. A return on an investment for an eCommerce business is getting them to come back to their website for a repeat purchase. In contrast, “Lundgren [Macy’s CEO] said he would prefer that customers visit stores because they typically buy more on the sales floor and are less likely to return purchases when they see them in person.”

Macy’s announced closing 14 stores in exchange for technological advances. They claim the investment will not only be in their online presence, but also upgrading outdated computers and software throughout the company. A blogger, Kenneth, from agrees that technology is going to contribute to making better decisions in all aspects of the retail supply chain.

Who can argue with that logic? How can companies not aim to keep pace when it seems like the technological environment is always changing? Omnichannel retailing and selling is the balance between the customer experience and immediate results, and Landis is looking forward to meeting all retailers needs to sell omnichannel.

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