Ecommerce Fulfillment and Data Science

The migratory patterns of birds are changing the ecommerce fulfillment industry. Ecommerce focused logistics companies are employing data scientist who held prior positions in fields like Ornithology. These data scientist have gone from tracking birds to tracking packages, to try and create new efficiencies in ecommerce fulfillment operations that gets your customer’s package to their doorstep as quickly as possible.

The next generation of technology is going to play a key role in the growing Ecommerce Fulfillment industry. From tech that will enhance the ability of employees, to robots and algorithms that will fully automate everyday tasks. Landis currently uses advance database queries to extract performance data and create efficiency in our operation. From measuring the daily output of a shipping station over the course of year to predict average daily order volume. To using accelerometers to track employee movement to change a department’s layout or footprint in the warehouse. These tactics help us manage your business better, and help your business grow faster.

Recently a group of scientist were profiled in the The Economic Times. Read the article to learn more about how data science is changing the industry:

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