Social Media: Part 2 Platforms

Thanks for reading part 2 of our Social Media Marketing strategy.

There are 311 platforms on the internet. The most popular and that have the most traffic are called tier 1 platform. Each platform has it's own culture. Your business needs to find which culture it best fits in with and then use that platform to grow. Here's a break down of the tier 1 platforms:

Facebook has a culture like a family reunion; everything you would do at a family reunion you do on Facebook, i.e. at, listen to music, talk. Facebook is a place to reconnect, complain,

brag, give too much information and has an informal writing style when writing posts. “We put #@!% in boxes” can be a brand on Facebook that goes viral. It is the most social of all the platforms, but the average user only spends 21 minutes a day on Facebook between 6-8 AM and 2-5 PM.

YouTube has a culture like New Year’s Eve, New York City, Times square; YouTube’s culture is frantic and everything standing in Times square for New Year’s Eve might be. Out of the 1 billion users on YouTube , 4 billion videos are viewed every day from “how to” to music, politics, etc.

LinkedIn has a culture like a Chamber of Commerce meeting. It was started by male executives in 2003, predominately male users still. The best time to post on LinkedIn is 1-8:30am or 5-6pm.

Twitter has a culture like cocktail party; small bursts of conversation or information and has 58 million tweets daily. Best times to post tweets are between 1-3pm.

Instagram is Facebook for those who don’t read. It started in 2010 and most of its users are under 35.

Pinterest has a culture like an electronic scrapbook. 85% of Pinterest’s users are women, and 25% of saved pins result in purchases. Best time to pin is between 8-11am and 2-4pm.

Google+ has a culture as if you visited the Mall of America; a little bit of everything. IF a company has a Gmail account, Google + account and YouTube account their search engine results have higher ratings – even though Google+ is dropping in favor as a social media platform.

Snap (Snapchat), Yelp, Vine are all second tier platforms. Vine is 7 seconds of insanity, and Snap has 150 million daily users – more than the number of Tweets daily. Lastly, Yelp is opinionated and obtains reviews for business if the company has a public domain website and 75% of people rely on reviews for decisions.

As an example, Landis chose to have a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn. Landis has a unique business culture and to show our personality as a business we chose Facebook to communicate what sets us apart from the rest. We also chose LinkedIn as a platform, to distribute our knowledge. We are a local expert in our field, and the presence and information we can give our community is vast.

Choosing the right platform could take some time, trial and error, or could but just dumb luck. Don't give up on trying to find your niche! The Millennials are coming and they will find you, so you should be able to communicate with them when they do. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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