Social Media: Part 1

So WHY is social media worth your company's time?

  1. It’s free

  2. Quick results

  3. It’s flexible

  4. It gets easier with time

  5. It will lead to other valuable sources of traffic

  6. Building links with social media is safer than buying links

  7. Social media users are predictable

  8. It doesn’t require as much time as you might think

  9. Branding through social media is possible

  10. Links can help your search engine rankings rise quickly

  11. It allows you to leverage your existing traffic

  12. Some visitors will be targeted

  13. The future of the internet is social

Do not panic! You do not have to be on every social media site! Pick one platform and do it well, then move to another platform and find a balance while maintaining both platforms. Once you have master two platforms keep moving, but if you find that only three platforms are relevant to your industry then stick with the three.

Social Media is here to stay, and it is not just in the United States.

Check out part 2 of this Social Media blog for different cultures of each platform and why Landis chose to connect through Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you find yourself swimming in this changing world of technology and have questions, please contact Elizabeth Goodwin at


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