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There are many questions when trying to send small parcels internationally. After the Landis team met with the UPS representative, we feel the following information may help current and prospective clients expand their business into markets otherwise unreachable. Landis provides many services internationally including, United States Postal Service, UPS Worldwide, FedEx International, Asendia postal consolidator and if the client so chooses DHL International. The following components regardless of the carrier are what any business needs to ship internationally.

The first question you need to ask yourself as a business is, who is going to pay the duties and taxes entering the country and who is going to pay the freight or shipping costs? Duties and taxes are usually collected after the shipment has been received at the foreign location and freight/shipping costs are usually incurred during transit. Both costs can be absorbed by the business or the recipient or split between the two. This is something only your business can determine as it is different for each business, product, and dependent on where the package is going.

After you determine who will pay for freight, duties and taxes, your business will need to compile a commercial invoice. The commercial invoice needs to include destination name and address, the ship from name and address, and the consignee paying for duties and taxes if different from the destination or ship to. It needs to include how many pieces per box and the value of the product per box – which can be either price paid, or estimated value based on other considerations i.e. replacement goods that got damaged in transit could have a replacement value of $1 US. When valuing a product, you will want to provide host and home currency so that nothing is over or under taxed. Lastly, you will need to include the country in which the product was made. If you have any additional questions about what to include please reference:,-criteria,-or-format-of-a-commercial-invoice,-bill-of-sale

After the commercial invoice is made your business must determine the harmonized or tariff code. The following link will help you determine what that code is. For liability, Landis cannot produce the tariff code for your shipment, but we can help you to find the correct code. The following link will guide you to a website provided by UPS that allows any UPS customer the tools to find the correct tariff code per country:

If you do not have a UPS account, and do not know your tariff code please reference the Harmonized Tariff Schedule:

As an example: Landis has a customer that ships shoes (for privacy Landis will not provide the specific type of shoe) to the United Kingdom and Italy, the tariff code using the link above is: 6404.19.xx for the United Kingdom and 6404.19.xx for Italy.

So now that you have done all this work for one or many packages to send internationally, your business would like to know how much each shipment will cost you? Landis can quote you for different ship methods provided by UPS including: UPS Worldwide Expedited, Worldwide Saver, Worldwide Express and Worldwide Express Plus. It will take slightly longer time to quote if you would like all those methods of shipping, but if you have a preferred method of shipping it would shorten the quoting processes.

Landis is dedicated to getting our customers the best rate for their products whether domestic or internationally. Landis cannot provide quality services without the aforementioned information, but if your business has any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. Prospectus clients, please do not feel that international shipments are daunting or unachievable. Landis sends international packages daily from both the Tuckerton and Stone Pointe facilities. Landis does everything in our power to provide a smooth transition between domestic and international shipping with your business.

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