What can Ground do for You? Read this before you send your next Overnight Package

Here is an important point to consider when you are looking for ways to save money on shipping packages. FedEx and UPS deliver to many locations, next day guaranteed, with their low cost Ground Service. So why pay for next day air service on a package you need to be delivered tomorrow at double or triple the cost? For example, from Landis Logistics, our order fulfillment warehouse in eastern PA, FedEx will deliver to anywhere from New York City down to Washington DC next day with their ground service. There is no need for you to EVER pay for next day air to any of those points. Similarly, FedEx Ground is just a 2 day service to Chicago and most of the Midwest. Again, as a more cost-effective option compared to Second Day Air, Ground is a better choice.

Check out the FedEx site or UPS to calculate transit time from your location to where your package is going. Ground may be a cheaper option and it offers your business the same delivery service as overnight delivery!

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